Irrelevant Noise

Well I feel we’re tourists here
And I fear | that we’ll bear the brunt of | a lot of ignorant fools
I’ll lose | my way through these fields of | my formative years
I said cheers for all of your | lectures on the one true cause
As I vague my way | through the blue abandoned pause

Honey there’s a way to your words | and it burns | all the skin from my bones
And lightning out of my eyes | starts fires | on stars, turn them all off
My formative years | are just spent here making all this
Irrelevant noise
As it disappears | in the blue abandoned pause

Falling on my head

And this coat in my arms | belongs to the ones I wish to | warm in my heart
I’ll start with you | put it on my dear
And these wasted years I fear | we’ll bear no children
And all the fruit of our loins will spread | like dust through this dust bowl of | my formative years
Are just spent here listening to your | irrelevant lies
As they make their way | through a blue abandoned sky
Falling on my head

Falling on my head

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