The Drinker


I wore my blackest heart
Pinned to my evening dress
As I crossed that floor
In a spirit mess
And I wonder just how long
I’ve been drinking myself to death
As I took out my tongue and off my head
I crawled like a sunset into bed

And I spent the whole night dreaming about
What that strange girl said
She said | all of your hopes and all of your dreams
Shatter to dust and split at the seams
At the bottom of a bottle
You can wipe your conscience clean

And If hell don’t make you suffer | you can surely suffer me

It was the sort of night
You felt like breaking up
or going out to vandalize the streets
But I stayed at this masquerade and I had another drink
I was hoping to bring sin to my sheets

We are all so special
We are meat
And I keep freaking people out every time I speak

And I say

I wore my blackest heart into my evening dress
I wore my favorite tie, yeah my Sunday best
And I shot a thousand rounds in an act of pail jest
I said Christ I need a lawyer
He said son I’ll do my best

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